IT Risk Assessment

IT Risk Assessment

Information Is Power. Do You Know the Risks to Your Business?

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Assessing & Managing Your Organization’s IT Risk

Businesses face many risks in the digital world. Between compliance needs, external threats, and updates to technology, there is a lot for a company to manage. Failing to ensure that you understand and address risks to your digital infrastructure can lead to severe consequences. Examples include data theft, significant down time, revenue loss, or even legal issues.

Tech Direct 2 U can provide you with a complete IT risk assessment. With this assessment, you will receive both a short term and long term strategic plan to address any areas of concern.

What Are Some Areas Of Concern?

Would you know what areas your should review for your business security? An IT company, like Tech Direct 2 U, has the tools and expertise to complete a comprehensive risk assessment of the following:

  • Cyber Security
  • Wireless Networking
  • Cloud Readiness
  • HIPAA compliance (if Applicable)
  • Software
  • Hardware

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the first thought most people have when it comes to IT risks that a company may face. We will not only review you system today to determine the health, but we will also identify the risks you face. We can work with you on setting up a more secure business system that provides protections from threats like hacking, malware, ransomware, spam, or other forms of cyber-attack. The landscape of risks and threats to your business continue to evolve, and so do we.

Wireless Networking

An often-overlooked area is your wireless network. It may be easy to assume that setting up a password is all you need to do to have a secure system. We can assess your wireless system to see how secure your set up is and provide you with solutions for improving your network integrity.

Cloud Readiness

Cloud computing and storage is an essential part of business today. Do you know if your data is secure? Do you know how to evaluate your managed cloud service provider? Tech Direct 2 U can see if your data is secure and ensure it remains secure. We can determine not only if the cloud system provides your company with all your needs, but also help ensure that your data transfer options are secure as well.

HIPAA Compliance

Is your business in the medical industry with access to patient information? If so, you have legal requirements to ensure that this data remains secure. As we move to incorporate more patient records in digital form, there is an increased need to protect it. We can assess your management of these records to make sure that you are in compliance and the data remains secure.


Software providers often update their products to provide enhanced security, improved workflow, or better productivity. Is the key software for you business up to date? Are you using the best software packages for your business needs? We will perform a full assessment on your software suites and ensure that you are up to date. We will work with you to address any gaps we find to help you run you business with peace of mind.


Do you know if your hardware can manage your software or security needs? Is your processing power able to keep up with the speed of business today? Do you have the tools you need to compete in the marketplace today? Do you have a strategy to keep up with the changes in technology in the future? This is where we come in. We can provide a full hardware evaluation and develop a comprehensive strategy that ensures your business needs are met today and in the future.

IT Risk Assessment Company Near Joliet, Illinois

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