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Optimize Your IT Investment with Virtualization Support

Servers are an important component of the IT infrastructure for your small business. If you run your own servers, you will incur costs for running and housing your servers as well as for the staffing to manage and run them.

By choosing virtualization support with Tech Direct 2 U, we can help you manage your server needs, to optimize their effectiveness and reduce your energy and space needs.

Improve Your Environmental Footprint and Reduce Costs

It takes a lot of space and energy to house servers. Unless you already have your servers optimized for your needs, there is a good chance you are not utilizing the server space that your business needs. It’s essential for you to have not only the space to house your servers, but also the right energy requirements to run and maintain these systems as well. By working with a trusted company like Tech Direct 2 U that specializes in IT support for small businesses in the Chicagoland and Joliet Illinois area, you can eliminate the need for housing your servers. We can move you to a server virtualization model. Not only will this save you space, but also improve your energy efficiencies. In turn, this will save you money!

Streamline Your Server Technology & Improve Efficiencies

Do you know if your current server systems are being used in the best way for your company? When you use our virtualization services for your server, we will help you consolidate and optimize your server needs. In turn, this will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your network. By consolidating with virtualization services, we can help ensure that your network runs at peak performance and provide you with monitoring services to keep things running smoothly.

Reduce Your Hardware Needs

When you move to virtualization with Tech Direct 2 U, you will be able to eliminate the need for on-site servers. We will provide you with up to date technology, back up systems, and access to your network from anywhere. You will have the peace of mind knowing that we have all of your server needs covered, meaning that you will not need to worry about supplying the hardware to run your network. This will save you money, space, energy, and time!

Contact our IT server support specialists today to review options for your server needs.


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